Why to Verify Paypal Account?

You can create a PayPal account within minutes but it will be unverified and there will be some limitations. In order to lift up those limitations, you will need to verify PayPal account.
Using Unverified PayPal account,
  • You can’t send more than $500 payment in a month.
  • You will not be able to withdraw your PayPal earnings.
  • Some websites don’t allow unverified PayPal users to buy products.
Therefore, if the monthly limit is hit send or receive, then wait until next month to make PayPal payments. Although you can use the money earned to buy products, but many websites (eg GoDaddy) allow only verified PayPal users to buy products. Therefore, you must have a verified PayPal account.

Many bloggers and freelancers are facing difficulties to verify PayPal account. I saw people selling accounts and tricks to check PayPal PayPal account many websites. Now, using Payoneer MasterCard, you can easily verify PayPal account in countries not supported as Pakistan.

Why Choose Payoneer for PayPal verification?

People know they can verify paypal account using a debit card Payoneer but do not know how. For those who do not know, Payoneer is an online bank that allows people to create free and fast online transactions for U.S. bank account. You also get a Payoneer mastercard after its approval and to be allowed to check the PayPal account. The American people can use PayPal to make payments and if you have a U.S. bank account, while also able to get your PayPal account verified.
Payoneer offers U.S. wage that allows you to withdraw the benefit of PayPal Payoneer Bank. Therefore, you will also be able to withdraw the benefit of using PayPal Payoneer debit card local ATM.

How to Verify PayPal Account Using Payoneer?

Create a PayPal Account

First, you’ll need to apply for a PayPal account. The team of U.S. location, the choice of PayPal for your personal use and click the start button. Complete the registration PayPal with all the necessary information and click the button to create a pay pal account form.
After checking e-mail, you will be able to log on to the PayPal account and now you can send and receive money to provide your email id to sender of payment. To increase the limits of PayPal and verify paypal account, follow the steps below.

Apply for Payoneer Mastercard

After creating a next PayPal account must apply for Payoneer Master card. Remember that your name must exactly match the PayPal account. You will receive an e-mail approval Payoneer after 4-5 days, indicating the number of days required for sending the Payoneer card. After getting the Payoneer debit card, check your Payoneer account is required and you can easily do this by providing scanned documents such as national identity card or driving license, etc.


Apply for U.S Payment Service

To receive payments of U.S. companies including Amazon, PayPal Inc., AOL, Facebook Inc., Digital River Inc., ClickBank, etc, must apply the surcharge Payoneer U.S.. Login to your account and receive money Payoneer tab, click the U.S. Payment Service button. After completing the form with the required information present. You will receive an e-mail within a week indicating that you can now use the Payoneer supplement United States.
You also have the routing number and bank account number to receive payments. These data will also be used to verify PayPal account.
Remember that your Payoneer account will opened in 1stCentury Bank of USA.

Linking Payoneer Card with PayPal

Now, finally the time to link your PayPal account with Payoneer debit card to verify PayPal account has been reached. Log into your PayPal account and click the link to verify. You will be prompted to enter your bank account and routing number detailsincluding bank account number. Get all the details supplement Payoneer U.S. and finally link your debit card with Payoneer PayPal account. Note that PayPal deducts a commission check of € 1.5 Payoneer debit card. Therefore, you should have a minimum of $ 5 in your Payoneer account for verifying PayPal account.
You can add funds to your Payoneer card with another Visa or Master Card. If you have a few dollars in the account verified PayPal account to remove Payoneer Payoneer Bank to provide bank details. After 3-4 days of your Payoneer card will be charged and you will be able to connect Payoneer PayPal Debit Card.
If you get error like:
This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. 
Then either you have entered incorrect details or routing number etc. Or your Payoneer Debit Card is empty and PayPal is unable to deduct the verification fee.
Get your PayPal account Verified after successful linking of PayPal account with Payoneer Card.

Withdraw PayPal Funds Using Payoneer Debit Card

After paypal account verified, you will be able to withdraw all their funds directly to the PayPal Debit Card Payoneer. Click on thumbnail to withdraw funds from your PayPal account and select the main Payoneer to withdraw funds from your U.S. bank account.
After 3-4 days of PayPal funds will be transferred to the bank account payments Payoneer and may be removed by any medium ATM Mastercard. Payoneer debit card is supported in the world and can easily withdraw money from anywhere and you will receive cash in local currency.
If you live in Pakistan, then I’ll recommend you choose Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) to withdraw funds from PayPal using Payoneer MasterCard. Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), Faysal Bank and Citibank Payoneer MasterCard also accepted in Pakistan.

Payoneer Debit Card Fees:

There are also some fees that are subjected for withdrawing funds using Payoneer Debit Card. For new Payoneer users, here I am providing the details of fees.

Card Activation Fee:

$29.95 is one time card activation Fee.

Withdrawl Fees:

  • $2.15 – successful ATM transaction.
  • 1$ per failed ATM transaction.
  • 3% – Currency Exchange Fee.

Loading Fees:

  • 1.00% (of loaded amount) – Transfer from Checking or savings Account.
  • 3.75% (of loaded amount) – Transfer from Visa or Master Card.
So, that’s all about PayPal account verification and withdrawal of PayPal funds using Payoneer Mastercard. If you still face any problem then feel free to share it in comments.
  • Disclaimer: It is recommended that you should thoroughly read PayPal and Payoneer terms and conditions before following this be method. We will not be responsible for any loss you face during or after getting verified PayPal account using this method.